Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Color Snippets

Art Every Day - my day 8

How beautiful leaves grow old.
How full of light and color are their last days.
- John Burroughs

I fell in love yesterday.

Giggle, let me clarify. I left the BF in bed, bundled up and with cameras in tow I ventured to Central Park. I'll admit that my expectations were low - the Autumn colors this year just haven't been their best.

Well, I fell in love. At the Eastern edge of The Ramble I stumbled across leaves that looked painted. The colors weren't consistent across the leaves. It was almost as if a mixed media artist had created a background of color on each leaf.

This maple tree had worked so hard to deliver Autumn that I felt the need to honor it's efforts and share my love.
I played and like a child picked leaves from the ground.
Nearby, I said thank you with all my heart.

May your Sunday be captured in color.


  1. WOW! Gorgeous colors....and they do look like they had been painted! PERFECT!

  2. Beautiful post! I can just picture you!

  3. Your heart of leaves is a perfect way to honor autumn!!!!!

  4. Stunning leaves.
    Will you press some and try to keep them. I love your heart design. There must be a way of preserving the colours...
    I wonder if strange weather had anything to do with it?

  5. I am in love with your love....this is so beautiful.

  6. Beautiful leaves and I love how you photographed them!

    ~ Serena :)

  7. beautiful!!!! Lots of leaves down here in Texas turned brown a couple of months ago because of the drought so not much changing of leaves here - so nice to see these gorgeous Autumn leaves! I absolutely LOVE the heart of leaves you made!!!!

  8. Lori! I love, love, love that! Would you mind if I copy it with credit given?

  9. These are just beautiful and special... you have such a good eye for colour and composition xx

  10. I'm finally catching up on blogs!!

    Lori, this is so beautiful. i love how you put the leaves in a heart shape... the colors are FANTASTIC!! xoxo


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