Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Continued Progress and Reflection

It is the last day of Art Every Day Month and I am a little sad. 

I have enjoyed the ride. 

Mostly I have enjoyed getting to know the other artists that have participated. Visiting their blogs, reading your comments, sharing emails, supporting one another, and getting to know you. I hope that you'll sign up to follow my blog as I continue on my journey of becoming, growing, and embracing the artist that I am.

Back on November 9th I posted about carving wax and I posted the photo below. 

Well, I've made a little progress since then... (my picture aren't the best, sorry, the BF is still in bed)

I still have a ton of work to do on the flower and plan to make a couple more flowers before I take them to the caster. 

Refining, when working with wax, means adding texture if you want it, smoothing if you don't and most importantly sanding. Ideally you want to make your wax piece be as close to what you expect the final metal piece to look and feel like. Don't get me wrong, once cast, you will still have to sand and buff your final metal piece but if you refine the wax before casting the cleanup will be so much less.

What made these pieces particularly difficult and time consuming is the size - at one point I thought of starting  over but I have always loved little charms so I am sticking with it.

As I continue blogging and creating, I plan to post a few times a week. 

More about that in a future post on Friday so come back to visit.

Thank you for stopping by, commenting, and following my journey. 


  1. oh Lori, you are one brave woman. (these charms are so TINY!) Adorable...
    Yeah, i'm kinda sad too, although it's opened new doors for me (like CED - i'm guessing it means creative every day?) :-) One thing is certain - i'm following you for a looooong time, baby. Thanks again for sharing the AEDM journey with me (and letting me know about it!) xoxo

  2. All I can say is WOW!
    I shall be back tomorrow.
    Have fun

  3. I am so glad you are going to keep us posted on your progress with this technique! I have a cast head of my dad that my mom did in college and I have always wondered about the process - thanks to you, now I will know! Thank you for putting a dime in the picture. It is so hard to judge size from pictures and I never would have guessed these were so small. I can't wait to see the charms when you get finished!

  4. Lori, it has been such a pleasure to find you through AEDM and you're already added to my Reader list--I can't wait to see what you create next and how these teeny tiny little treasures turn out.

    I'm sad AEDM is over has been such an amazing experience. Meeting so many other talented, skilled, and supportive artists has been so uplifting and inspiring.


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