Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Color Snippets

The past few weeks at the farmer's market I have been seeing purple.

Purple was my Gram's favorite color.

As I was editing photos this week, I kept pausing on the purple pictures and my mind would wonder to a memory of my Gram. It is interesting how seeing something can make your memories surface.

Gram, I paused this week on your birthday, and remembered all the love you shared during your life. You are missed.

Does a color ever bring back memories for you?

I hope your Sunday is full of color.


  1. Purple really is a special colour. Not everyone can wear it, but almost everyone loves it. It is also a royal colour. When the royal family fly around, the authorities create 'purple airspace' through which no one else can fly!
    I have no idea if any colour speaks to me the way purple does for you, you got me thinking now!

  2. Those are some really great, rich shades of purple. My grandma would wear purple too. She had a hat the shade of the flowers on the right. It was like a knit Kanga hat.

    I love the patterns that cabbages have on the inside. It might inspire me to do a cabbage doodle for AEDM!

  3. love, love, lOVE these purples... a lovely tribute to your Gram... :-)

  4. Beautiful, Lori! Love the colors, love the thoughts.

  5. Stunning!

    Purple is one of my favorite colors so you immediately won my heart!

    I love the idea of pulling together your photos by their colors.


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