Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Shared Messages from the Universe & AEDM

Shared Messages from the Universe

 I saw this sign yesterday - 3 times.  As an artist this is so important. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't want everyone to become arrogant and over-the-top pompous. But, I believe that you must create from the heart and not create something because it is the latest and greatest "thing" that is selling.

I believe that as an artist it is so important to create what you love - that your art comes for your soul. Since, as an artist, you are also the person who markets and sells your creations you must also be proud of what you do.  I'm not sure about the rest of you, but a little piece of me goes into to everything that I make. How I see something that I photograph, the angle, the focus - the piece of jewelry that I make, too.  My art is who I am - at least it is a huge part of me - so I need to be proud of it.

So, live proud - proud of who you are and of what you create.

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Art Every Day

Yesterday, the BF and I walked across Central Park to Columbus Circle and then north on Broadway. 

Happily at Columbus Circle we stumbled upon these elephants. Life size bronze elephants. This is me next to one of them (the BF took this picture).

Have I ever shared that I love public art installations and sculpture? 

Well, I love public art installations and sculpture. I am always fascinated when I see them in the city. I walk all around them, I will lie on the ground to see them against the buildings - I can get lost looking at them, touching them, and photographing them.


Sculpture, so much fun! 

On the streets of NYC so unexpected and so much fun!


  1. oh Lori, i so wish i was there!! i love public art installations too!! And sculptures - don't even get me started. i backpacked through Europe years ago & i thought i would lose my mind at being surrounded by so much art/sculpture.

    Thanks for posting these... beautiful shots.

  2. I actually included a message photo on my AEDM post today, but it's more in jest and not inspirational like yours. I like what you said about having pride as an artist--that's a great shared message in lots of ways!

  3. I wonder if we crossed paths yesterday? I was right in the same area, so it wouldn't surprise me if we did! Great sculpture!

  4. OMG, my little one is in love, love with elephants. Will need to show him you photos.

    Love the Live Proud sign. Not much word art by me that is why I make it myself. :)

  5. My husband just came back from Beijing on business and bought me a book about all of their street art/art installations.. Its unbelievable what they have dedicated to the city. I am envious of all of you city dwellers! Julie

  6. This a terrific post! I'm going in this week and will be sure to check the elephants out. My husband and son got to see the Chinese zodia sculptures over that way this summer. I didn't get a chance to scoot in and see them but the boys took some nice photos, laying on the ground type too ;)

  7. I love love love public art too... I used to take Phantom to check out as many as possible when she was little... now she isn't too interested, but the elephants look amazing ... thanks for sharing

  8. The elephant is really smooth and magical. I agree,I also find 'big' sculptures mesmerising.


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