Friday, November 25, 2011

Twisted Thanksgiving. . .

The BF and I spent Thanksgiving with new friends and had a fantastic time. The food was beyond delicious, the sense of community heartwarming but what touched us most were the open arms and how welcome we felt. Simply beautiful.

Our hosts repeatedly mentioned that had meant to purchase drink charms so that we could keep track of our drinks through the night but they hadn't found any that they liked so no purchase was made. I noticed that there was wire formed to create her name in her home on the wall and asked if she had more wire. 

She returned with wire and tools. 

I proceeded to twist and wrap and create. 

My first were simple, my and the BF's initials.

I then started to ask what people wanted and the requests began; a camera, a fork, a crown, an owl, a heart, a snake, and glasses. SO MUCH FUN!

I have to say that my favorite are the three below because of the complexity and plus - they were really fun to make.

I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with joy.

How were you creative yesterday?


  1. Aren't you the perfect guest?! These are so fabulous, but even better is that they were made on-the-spot, by request. I bet that made for a fun day!

  2. I love that you made them on the fly like that! Spontaneous art projects are the best, and that adds a whole new dimension to the "is there anything I can do?" question. Your host must have loved you!

  3. That's great, Lori. I'm sure your new friends were very impressed!

  4. Great idea. They look wonderful and I love your spontaneous creativity!

  5. We had a great time and we more than love our charms! It was so lovely to spend Thanksgiving with you. New connections and new friendships. Love, xoxoxox

  6. my dear Lori - these are INCREDIBLE!!! I absolutely love how spontaneous you are and I'm sure you've made a big impression on your new friends. Who wouldn't love to have their own heart shaped wire, or john lennon glasses on their wine glass?! LOVE LOVE LOVE... you are so brilliant. :-)
    Glad to hear you spent Thanksgiving with friends. I was hoping your wouldn't be too homesick (i know holidays are always rough when we're away from home)
    have a great weekend, girl!

  7. Lori these are beyond special and I am sure they will remember these for years to come... you are welcome to come and be your creative wonderful self any time over here!!!

  8. OH! I LOVE these!!!! Love the creative spark in you. :-)

  9. Oh my gosh... GREAT idea!


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