Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Frenzy and I Admit, I've Been Playing Hooky

I admit, I've been playing blog last couple of weeks were beyond busy. So, for the past few days I chose to click through the blog links that are on my previous post, leave comments, and support my fellow flyers instead of blog or create art.

So, this weekend, will be filled with creative and reconnecting frenzy:

  • Picture taking - I am in need of some inspiration from the city around me. (Saturday morning artist date - just me and my camera.)
  • Yoga - relaxing, restorative yoga.
  • Jewelry making, wiring twisting, earrings!
  • Saturday date night with my BF, aka Superman.
  • Sunday morning in - with the paper (yes, the printed NYTimes), coffee, Tucker, and breakfast with the BF.
  • Blog assessment and plan. Since completing Blogtoberfest, I have been reviewing traffic and this weekend will make a plan for my blog posts. Themes, which days to post, etc... Did you have a favorite?

So, not too much frenzy but still a full weekend.

How will you spend your weekend? Is it filled with frenzy?


  1. my dearest Lori,

    i LOVE the striped socks!! Fabulous...

    i try to make most of my weekends frenzy-free, so nothing too extravagant but relaxation, coffee drinking, reading, and perhaps a bit of shopping with my son. Although i may need to bribe him (teenagers...)

    Can't wait to see your pics of what inspires you this weekend.

    take care girl.

  2. hi lori, thank you for your kind comment! i love the sounds of the blog hop and am going to check it out :)



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