Monday, November 14, 2011

Shared Messages from the Universe

No, AEDM post today but instead my regular Monday post.

During this past Summer, I participated in the Do What You Love e-course and one of the exercises that Beth had us do was search for messages from the universe. This touched me so deeply and it inspired me to pay more attention to the world around me. I honestly see little messages all over the place.

A couple weeks ago there was a comment left on my blog by one of you that stated that you wish you could find these where you live. I took this to mean that it must be easier for me to see them because i live in NYC. It made me think about this but only for a moment. It also inspired me because I honestly see messages in magazines, newspapers, inside stores and I take my camera out and snap a photo at any time. I also realized that I have only posted the messages That I've seen when on the street.

So, the message this week comes via my addiction, oh, I mean love, of travel magazines. I embrace the stories of far away places and fall in love with the photography so much that I get lost for hours. This message was noticed in multiple magazines during the past week. A message to me that I need to keep reaching for my dreams - it validated my current journey of my creative life.

Have you noticed any Shared Messages from Universe?

Share your message by joining my Flickr group by the same name: Shared Messages from the Universe and link your photos.

I'd love to see the messages that have inspired you.

Also, do you have a favorite travel magazine? My new favorite is AFAR (nothing gained by putting that out there), the photography is so rich and inviting. I would love to know if you have a favorite.


  1. The Universe often speaks to me in not-so-random coincidences. I love the "Shared Messages" idea and of keeping track of them.

    Case in point, as I've been taking part in AEDM I've been wondering how I can set myself up with a proper work space. Sure enough, I couldn't sleep last night, turned on the TV, and came upon an HGTV episode on designing a craft room. Love it!!

  2. Lori, i love travel and love magazines... and yet, when i read your story, my first thought was "geee... why don't i buy travel magazines?" :-)

    I'm meeting mom today for lunch. I'll be looking for the AFAR magazine - or any other travel magazine i might find. Thanks for sharing... xoxo


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