Wednesday, November 9, 2011

AEDM - Carving Wax

Art Every Day Month - my day 4
I participated in jewelry making classes a few years ago. Yes, "fine" jewelry making classes. I learned how to carve wax so that my piece could be cast. I learned how to use a jewelers saw and cut a sheet of sterling silver, pound, file, sand, solder, and form my design into wearable art.

Oh, how I miss all of it - so, I've decided that even though I can't have an acetylene torch in my apartment, there are other ways that I can continue my craft.

I sat down at my desk and started by sawing a piece of wax (much harder than candle wax) into a smaller piece, then into a shape resembling what I want in the end. I have decided to create my own small charms: hearts, flowers, a butterfly maybe.
I love to see where this takes me because honestly carving isn't my favorite part of jewelry making. I prefer a sheet of metal. I prefer to take the flat sheet and form, saw and pound it into a 3 dimensional piece of art (see below). I do have to admit though that I had fun starting my charms. For me, the difficult part is next -  refining and sanding the wax piece. It needs to be as perfect as possible - meaning no blemishes so that the casting result has few imperfections.

Below is a necklace I designed and created out of sterling silver and bronze using Swarovski Gems. This was featured in Swarovski's 2010 Gem Visions book and can be seen in full by clicking here.

I love to make jewelry - it really is what makes me dance inside. I get lost in the process and hope one day to create full time with metal and a torch.

What makes you dance inside?  Does your soul sing when you are doing what you love? 


  1. Hi, Lori! I am a mixed media collage artist. I love paper and paint. It definitely makes my soul sing. I tried using a torch once - a little to scary for me. I love the piece in your blog post.

  2. Lori, this necklace had to be so much FUN to design & create!! It's beautiful.

    Thanks for explaining the process. I've never made jewelry, but always had a great appreciation for the craftsmanship. i think using a torch would be fun.

    what makes me dance:
    telling a story with words
    connecting to someone, somewhere thru art/writing
    good music
    great coffee
    my son's smile
    a journal with brand new pens... :-)

  3. Hello there!!! I am an industrial design graduate and I love designing anything and everything. sometimes if I am so engrossed in what i am working on, i don't even notice that hours and hours have passed already. I think that it's really cool that there are things that make us so happy. no matter how time consuming they may be, doing what we love just keeps us so happy and inspired. :-)

    that necklace is a very unique and interesting piece. you have a talent in what you do. :-) thanks for sharing it with us. :-)


  4. I did jewellery as part of my sculpture major back in college and just loved the whole casting process... but like you the refining and forming was the challenge... would love to get back to it but need more hours in the day... might live vicariously through you for now instead xx


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