Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day 1 - May Flower Challenge

I'm fascinated with flowers. 
They are all over my tiny apartment. I photograph them all the time.
I draw, paint, doodle them, create them out of paper...I also see them all over NYC. 
Each day during May I will post flowers and I hope that you will join in.
The only rule is that your blog post or flickr photo that you link much contain flowers.
Click above on the May Flower Challenge Page to learn more.

 I hope that you will play along.

On Sunday, Superman and I went to the 
Conservatory Garden in Central Park.
It is a gated park filled with beautiful gardens.
The cherry trees are in full bloom.

A mother and her daughter were sitting and drawing flowers.
This made me smile.

The tulips are also in full bloom.
Tulips always remind me of my Mom. 
Her garden has hundreds of flowers.

During this month of May, 
you will see me post every day about flowers.

Photographs of flowers: 
sketches, doodles, painted, 
collaged, cut paper, stamped, 
flowers made out of egg cartons, 
flowers found in architecture...
it is limitless.
So, let your imagination run wild and play along.

Link your post or photo in flickr and play along.

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