Saturday, May 11, 2013

May Flower Challenge - Day 11

I'm fascinated with flowers. 
They are all over my tiny apartment. I photograph them all the time.
I draw, paint, doodle them, create them out of paper...I also see them all over NYC. 
Each day during May I will post flowers and I hope that you will join in.
The only rule is that your blog post or flickr photo that you link much contain flowers.
Click above on the May Flower Challenge Page to learn more.

I'm in love with the flowering trees
in NYC.
They add a pop of color in an often 
gray concrete world.

I believe that these are a type 
of Magnolia Tree.
Please feel free to correct me.
I have been corrected! :)
These are Dogwood blooms.

What have you sketched recently?

Thanks for visiting.


  1. aren't they pretty! they remind me more of a dogwood (though ours aren't that wonderful shade of pink) but I could be totally wrong!!

    1. Lorinda - You are correct! They are dogwood. Thank you and thanks for visiting, commenting, and suggesting an instagram hastag.


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