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Liberate Your Art 2013 Blog Hop

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Liberate Your Art 2013

I love mail,
no not email,
but good old fashioned
snail mail.

This year I participated
 in Kat Eye Studio's
Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap.

When I received each postcard
it brought a smile to my face
often after a long day.

Above are the 3 postcards that I sent.
Graffiti found in NYC. 

The cards that I received are below:

Top: Gail from OXOXO
Bottom: Mary (sorry but I don't have a blog address
 - if I find one I will add it later)

Top: Helen at A Flash of Inspiration
Bottom: Caroline at Nowordz Photography

Top: Catie at Catie An & Company
Bottom: Kat at Kat Eye Studio

Kat - thank you for all the work
that goes into making the swap happen.

To all that participated thank you.
Your images made me smile
and your messages touched my heart.

Feel free to hop around and see some of the other
art that was liberated.


  1. I LOVE what you sent...amazing idea and photography. I also love what you sad it's over! Take care until next year!

  2. I'm not a fan of graffiti generally, but I love the positive messages you found. You received some beautiful cards, too.

  3. I really love the graffiti postcards you sent out. I wish I would've gotten one!

  4. I love graffiti--great are the ones you received and the ones we all received.

  5. Nice post. The swap was such fun and now seeing and reading how and where the art was received is a treat.

  6. Love the postcards you sent out AND received!!

  7. I was so sorry to miss out on the swap this year. I love the cards you sent. New Yorkers are full of love and wisdom it seems. You received some stunning cards in return. Some great flower ones for your month's collection!

  8. I'm already looking forward to next year -- this was my first time participating and it was so enjoyable!

  9. Wonderful cards. Looking forward to next year.

  10. You sent some awesome art out into the world, great messages you found! Love all the cards you received as well! See you next year! Sheila

  11. You summed the swap up perfectly - images making us smile and touching our hearts! Thank you so much for participating this year.

  12. I agree with Kat. Thank you for showing us the lovely graffiti postcards you sent out and the lovely ones you received in return.

  13. Lovely cards! Outgoing and incoming!

  14. So happy to see my postcard there! I love those graffiti postcards!


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