Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day 27 May Flower Challenge - Poppy

Welcome to day 27 of the May Flower Challenge.

I'm fascinated with flowers. They are all over my tiny apartment. I photograph them all the time. I draw, paint, doodle them, create them out of paper... I also see them all over the NYC. Each day I will post flowers and I hope that you will join in. The only rule is that your blog post or flickr photo that you link must contain flowers. Click above on the May Flower Challenge Page to learn more. 

My first morning in Wisconsin was beautiful 
but the weather called for high winds and rain later in the day. 

As a photographer, this meant that I needed 
to take advantage early before the flowers 
lost their petals or were damaged.

This lone Poppy was just waiting to be photographed. 

 It's petal edges were a little tattered 
but it's orange color just begged to be photographed.

I love how the morning light danced across it's face.

Trying to look through the petals. 

The wind would often twist the petals while I was photographing. 
I love the unexpected shot below.

 I am so glad that I chose to take a few shots of the wonderful orange poppy. 

A couple of hours later when I  went back 
to try to catch a couple more shots 
the wind had scattered the petals 
- no where to be found.

Do me a favor and remember to catch 
a few moments with your camera today.

Participate by linking your blog post to my blog post. Each day during May, starting on May 1st, on my blog post I will have a linkytool available so that you can link your specific blog post (not just your blog but the post itself) to my blog post. And, please remember to link back.

Participate by linking to the flickr group - May Flower Challenge- and adding a photo of your flower creation. Make sure you add your photo to the linky below each day that you post.


  1. Love this post and the beautiful photographs. Poppies are one of my very favorites.

  2. Great shots Lori! I love poppies. It's one thing I really need to plant in my yard. My m-i-l has some the size of dinner plates--they're amazing. Happy Sunday! xx

  3. your poppy photograph is so great it almost looks like a painting

  4. Great shots, Lori! I just discovered mine from last year have come up, but not bloomed yet. I need to take a pic today. They look cool even BEFORE they bloom!


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