Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 18 May Flower Challenge & A Little Bliss

  Welcome to day 18 of the May Flower Challenge.

I'm fascinated with flowers. They are all over my tiny apartment. I photograph them all the time. I draw, paint, doodle them, create them out of paper... I also see them all over the NYC. Each day I will post flowers and I hope that you will join in. The only rule is that your blog post or flickr photo that you link must contain flowers. Click above on the May Flower Challenge Page to learn more. 
A few found street art photos to qualify as my flower a day in May for my May Flower Challenge.

Also, today I'm linking up with Liv Lane.  Every Friday, Liv hosts the Little Bliss List link is about listing the little things that have touched our hearts and made us feel joy, peace, warmth, love and/or a little bliss during the past week. So, I'm jumping on the bliss band wagon.  

1. Found flowers...seriously they just keep crossing my path.  I am having so much fun with my May Flower Challenge - posting a flower a day in May. Those of you who are participating, I hope that you to are having fun. You each are inspiring me with your flower photos, stamps, drawings, paintings, collages, paper flowers - - flower art!  By the way, it isn't too lane, join in some flower fun at any time and share your flowers.

2. During the past weekend, Superman and I attended a small artist fair in NYC.  I just had to have this. 

Designed and made by Jessie Driscoll of Made From Coins. This lovely little flower is made out of an antique silver dime. Visit her site to see and learn more.  

6th Street Flowers At My Feet                     Photo by Jazmyn Henry

3. The found flower bandwagon...a dear friend, Jazmyn, who lives in the NYC keeps seeing flowers. She is an avid reader of my blog and a huge supporter of my creative journey.

This lovely flower presented itself to her one day and she just had to snap this great photo, share on her facebook page and tag me.

It made my day.

4. A big thank you to Superman this week. He not only has made dinner for me most of the week but he also has been the cat wrangler.

With a new young cat in our house poor Tucker has had a workout lately and their play time has been rather rambunctious during the day while Superman works from home.

Little Java is half of Tucker's size but full of spunk.

What has brought you bliss this week? Get inspired by reading the other bliss bloggers today by clicking over to Liv's blog

Also, don't forget to visit the other May Flower Challenge participants by clicking on their links below.

Participate by linking your blog post to my blog post. Each day during May, starting on May 1st, on my blog post I will have a linkytool available so that you can link your specific blog post (not just your blog but the post itself) to my blog post. And, please remember to link back.

Participate by linking to the flickr group - May Flower Challenge- and adding a photo of your flower creation. Make sure you add your photo to the linky below each day that you post.


  1. loved looking at your found flowers, i will have start looking or actually seeing more often

  2. I love your found flowers, as well--and that necklace is too cute! You were meant to find that this month, I think :)

  3. Loved the pictures of your cats. Interesting to find flowers on other objects.

  4. Great list! I LOVE the found flowers idea - how fun! Hope you have a wonderful weekend :) xo, Blair of The Turquoise Heart

  5. I absolutely love that necklace of yours! I can't believe it's made from coins, wow! It's amazing where all we'll find flowers if we really make an effort to look.

  6. Love "Little Java" way cute. I miss our cats:(

  7. Love your little fur babies! Don't tell my hubby that you got another one...we'd have a house full if I let him, esp. one that darling :-) very blissful list xx

  8. Love your post. Looking for flowers is such a great idea and I especially like the one made out of a dime.


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