Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 25 May Flower Challenge & A Little Bliss

Welcome to day 25 of the May Flower Challenge.

I'm fascinated with flowers. They are all over my tiny apartment. I photograph them all the time. I draw, paint, doodle them, create them out of paper... I also see them all over the NYC. Each day I will post flowers and I hope that you will join in. The only rule is that your blog post or flickr photo that you link must contain flowers. Click above on the May Flower Challenge Page to learn more. 

Also, today I'm linking up with Liv Lane.  Every Friday, Liv hosts the Little Bliss List link is about listing the little things that have touched our hearts and made us feel joy, peace, warmth, love and/or a little bliss during the past week. So, I'm jumping on the bliss band wagon.  

This week is about family bliss.

1. I'm thankful for the "Moon Taxi" that is always so prompt to meet me at the airport (even when my flight is almost 2 hours late on arrival). Dad's are the best!
2. Hugs from my niece, who even at 18 years old, still gets excited to see me and has to spend the night at my parents house with me. So, fun! Love her!

3. My Mom's garden. It is so beautiful and on my first morning here I couldn't resist taking pictures for a couple of hours. Today's post features shots of a Purple Sensation Allium.

4. No skyscrapers...on the drive from the airport I could see the sky; the smile of the moon, the stars, the silhouette of trees against the sky... I know most of you see this all the time but living in Manhattan - it just doesn't happen. 

5. I'm so thankful, again this week, for Superman. He's back home in NYC taking care of the Creative Team, Tucker and Java, our cats while I am attending my nieces high school graduation. Love you, Superman!

What has brought you bliss this week? Get inspired by reading the other bliss bloggers today by clicking over to Liv's blog

Also, don't forget to visit the other May Flower Challenge participants by clicking on their links below.

Participate by linking your blog post to my blog post. Each day during May, starting on May 1st, on my blog post I will have a linkytool available so that you can link your specific blog post (not just your blog but the post itself) to my blog post. And, please remember to link back.

Participate by linking to the flickr group - May Flower Challenge- and adding a photo of your flower creation. Make sure you add your photo to the linky below each day that you post.


  1. I've enjoyed seeing your flowers each day and you have a lovely Bliss List -- surrounded by family and the sky!!! Wishing you a bliss filled week!

  2. I hope you have a great time with your parents, and your neice. Loving the flowers at your mothers

  3. Lovely list - you are so full of joy and positivity, it's an inspiration xx

  4. Thanks for reminding me what that purple flower was called. I have a couple in my garden and all I remembered was that it was related to the onion family. Sounds like a blissful week. You are lucky to have a superman.

  5. I love the giant allium. I had them in my garden in the mountains, and when they die, they leave a wonderful ball on a long stem that I would break off and spray paint gold to make fairy wands for the girls! They are so cool!

  6. Another great post! Have an excellent time with your loved ones.


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